Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Keep on Spinning!

Here are a few more photos to help those of you that bought the 60's Spindle. Cross arms are pulled out and I'm ready to pull from the center using my leader.

A little closer look at the beginning of the God's Eye Wrap.

Monday, March 22, 2010

60's Spindle Spinning

Lets get Started!

Begin by putting your cross arms on the spindle shaft and tying your leader to the underside of the spindle with a knot. Be sure to leave enough tail to grab when you want to start the pull for your center pull ball.

Then begin to wrap the leader around the center of the spindle, wrapping around the cross arms, to secure in a solid X formation. Be sure to secure the X on both sides of your spindle.

Do a half-hitch at the top of the spindle at the carved notch.

Tie a loop at the top of your leader to put your roving through to begin spinning.

Spindle will be very light wt. to begin with, but will steady out and spin fast and true very quickly.
This will allow you to get a full 4ozs of fiber with ease without getting too heavy.

I then begin to wrap around my cross arms on one side of the spindle shaft and then the other side.

Remember to leave a tail to pull.

Note: Remember, if you click on the photos, they will enlarge for a better view.

You can start the God's Eye Pattern now, or wait until you have a base of handspun built up first. I usually build a small base, then start my pattern.

Fill spindle to the edge of the X arms and then push down on the ball of handspun to remove cross arms and start center pull ball from leader.

God's Eye Wrap Video

I am left handed so I wrap using my left hand. You can go the opposite way and do the wrap right handed. Wrap which ever way is most comfortable for you.

Let's Begin the Pattern!

Note: Scroll down to bottom of page, hit pause on player to listen to video without music.

Spindling and Phat Fiber Box

The 10 Stitch Blanket is continuing to grow larger. I decided to add a row or two of deep purple, violet and magenta. I also added new spindles to the shop along with the kettle dyed roving that I am using to create the God's eye pattern on the spindle.

The Phat Fiber Box was spectacular this month! Lots of goodies to spin and knit with. Here are the links to some of the great fiber artists in my box this month. Yarn and goodies update to follow soon.

Be sure to check out all the latest news for the Phat Fiber Box - at

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Happy Saint Paddy's Day - to one and all! Being that I am part Irish, I plan to do a wee bit of celebrating this special day. Hope you do too!

I See Spring Flowers!

These Bright Purple Crocus are the first flowers to come up in my yard . I'm out raking and starting the Spring cleanup. It sure is nice to be able to enjoy the bright sunlight and warm breezes. Warm temps are predicted for the rest of the week, but then it's back to colder weather. Or so they say on the weather channel. We'll see.....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring and Geese

The ice is melting off our lake, with all this warm weather. I'll be glad when it is all gone. If the temps stay this warm, it might be gone by the weekend!

Happy Geese hitting the water!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Progress on the 10 Stitch and Phat Fiber

Still enjoying spindling for the 10 Stitch Blanket and enjoying all the colors changes as I knit along.

Here are all the wonderful yarn samples and other goodies that I received in my February Phat Fiber box. Samples from:

Thanks to all the gifted contributors to the Phat fiber box. If you would like more information or latest news or updates for the Phat Fiber Box go to

Where's the Water?

The Geese are on the hunt for open water. It won't be long before the lake is open.

See my little buddy the... Squirrel ? He is sooo... busy stealing sunflower seeds off my railing. Plenty to go around for him and all the birdies.