Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What to do when it's HIGH 90's!!!

Shhh... kitty is sleeping like a rock! Too hot to do anything but go swimming and play in the lake. Stay cool everyone.

Friday, June 12, 2009


A few days ago I mentioned "The Wool Cave", and Pog from mentioned that she wished she had one. Be careful what you wish for....;) It used to be my son's former bedroom and I can remember thinking once the boy moves out, I can turn that into a nice guest room, for when my mom visits. Sounds like a great idea, right? Well.... the boy grew up and moved out. Gone was the closed door which hid mountains of sweat socks, magazines and other assorted objects that caught his interest at the time. I washed, painted, hung new mini blinds, made new curtains, magazine rack for mom to choose from and reading light. It was refreshed and new, and ready for the first visit. Well all worked out well, and mom did have her guest room, but due to dad's health issues the visits dwindled down to few and we traveled there to visit them.
When it happened.... I don't know, but it seems that one day I tried to get into the room and had trouble opening the door. Yes...there used to be a bed in there somewhere? At that point my DH dubbed the room "The Wool Cave". He is good hearted about it but, I feel the guilt! "I'm going to clean it!!!" "Really! I'm going to do it". "Don't bug Me"!! Boy does that sound familiar! Now, I sound like the boy whose room this used to be. Well... today's the day I"m straighting this up! I opened the door to THAT room this morning and thought oh... this is going to take a while and you know it Friday and the sun is finally out and no more rain... and the weekend is coming... I think I need to enjoy the flowers and my garden. Monday will come soon enough and I"ll start in on the room then. Til then I leave you with a shot from my garden. Have a good weekend everyone and enjoy :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"What's for Dinner Honey?"

Hubby said as he walked into the kitchen door. Why... a nice big pot of juicy wool! I don't think it was what he had in mind for supper. I was on a dyeing binge yesterday. One of those days when everything was just clicking along. In fact it went so well, I decided to dye some more today only this time some milk fiber. So's looking good.
I had intended to sell these BFL baby doll locks (nice small tight ringlets) in my etsy shop Now that I see them, I may have to play with them myself.
Sometimes you just can't let go of some of the things you make up to sell. I'm going to think about it for a while. Didn't finish that second bobbin of the fall roving I was working on the other day because I was too busy dyeing. Maybe tonight. Talk to you all later. Have a good one:)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Spinning Samples From the Phat Fiber Box

Spinning more samples from the Phat Fiber Box.

and http://www.abstract/ are two of my favorite samples from the April Phat Fiber Box. Oh... so soft merino and such wonderful shades to work with. Well I usually like to have enough to make a project out of, so my goal was to get at least a 4 oz. total. So I went for a hunt in the WOOL CAVE (son's former bedroom) and found the perfect wool top, that I had kettle dyed a while back to give me the 4 oz. I wanted. All were fall tones. I know it's summer - but I am drawn to the richness of the fall colors. I decided not to card them into a batt, but strip off sections in all four colorways. I equally divided them to spin in a set rotation. When the bobbin was full , I started the second bobbin, but I altered the rotation slightly. It sure is a fun spin, watching all the colors change. Oh... here are some rich green shades... , here comes the orange..., now its reddish hues..., I guess I'm easily amused. ;) Have half of the second bobbin filled and will post the finished hand spun soon. Til then hope everyone is "Enjoying The Spin".

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gitt'in Big

Babies are getting big! Those are flowering crab tree leaves on the grass, but some other stuff I don't want is also there. They really love to eat that creeping jenny in the yard. The water plants are also starting to grow, so they are enjoying munching on that. Soon they will stop coming up on the lawn. Yeah !!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Yarny Goodness

Handspun turned out great. Fingering wt. - 2 ply -963 yds - 5 7/8 oz. Shades of pewter and grey with hints of color throughout the skein. Should halo nicely.

What Comes Next ?

I decided to add some POP! to the batts that I had carded and thought these samples would be perfect. I evenly distributed the three samples and carded them into the four batts . I really liked how they added a hint of color when I was spinning.

Fun With Samples

I finally had some time to play with a few samples from the April Phat Fiber Box. I decided to combine-three wonderful samples from the April Box. Wooly Hands-(Lilac- Merino), The Fox Hop-(Fexie Batt), and Infinity (merino/molair blend-New Growth ). I had carded about 60 % of Shetland in three different shades with 40 % pewter grey angora. Talk about soft....