Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The boy brought his sweet ole mom a little treat over the Christmas Holiday. Do you see it? That's right - it's ABSINTHE.  I had mentioned my curiosity about the spirits, so he brought a bottle with him, over the holiday. Such a good son... what can I say ? ;)
 In 1797- it was lauded as a miracle cure. All I have to say after taking a sip, is that it will certainly take
the edge off.

My favorite part of the holiday was watching Miss O - granddaughter - unwrap her presents. She loved the dolls, but the crazy neon green hair extensions that I bought her brought squeals of delight! The extensions were a gag gift because Miss O  had decided to give herself a little hair cut.

                 We all ate lot's of goodies and were ready for a nap by the end of the night.


Santa - Hubby - was good to me this year, as always.  Treats,  Jewelry, and of course the yearly spinning goodies. This is the  beauty that I will be adding to my collection. The Bosworth Attache Case Charkha, visit - http://www.journeywheel.com/ - for more information. All I have to say - is that it is the Cadillac of the charkhas. Can't wait to take this baby out for a spin!

Taking a break to get in a little spinning time,  and straighten up around here before the
 New Year's Eve weekend arrives.

Are you ready to party?

Friday, December 24, 2010


 It's Christmas Eve, and one of my favorite movies is on tonight. I love the the snowy shot of Bedford Falls. Just watching that snow swirl, and feeling the chill of the winter night, makes me feel all cozy and warm at home, tonight.

 I... know... I... know... I've seen it - over, and over, every  Holiday for years..... There is just... something... comforting... about the tradition of watching it, each and every  Christmas Eve.

The presents are wrapped and under the tree, but the best present of all... is that... the old grey   cat is sharing another Holiday with us.........

 Along with his buddy - the old grey poodle.


Hope you have a good one!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


 One of my visitors to the railing this morning - a beautiful bright red cardinal. The lake is frozen, and a few ice fishermen have ventured out on it . Don't know if they are catching anything. I just might have to test the ice, this weekend.

                                                                  Another one, stopped by.


Last night - after a busy day of cleaning, washing, and Lot's of wrapping, I decided to treat myself to a hot soak in the tub with lavender bubble bath. It felt so...good...


I still have more wrapping, baking, ect, to do... but will treat myself to a little spinning, through - out the day. This natural shetland,  angora, and suri alpaca blend is a dream to spin. Warm and fuzzy with just a hint of lanolin to the touch.

Hope you get the time to re-focus, reflect, and spin alittle today.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Those little birds nibble away all day. I started out with 50 lbs. of bird-food. Small seed and black sunflowers, and half of it is gone already. They can really go through it, when you are feeding a lot of birds.

Today was the day that my Phatfiber Holiday Box came. My secret partner was Jessie from http://www.stashenhancement.etsy.com/ . Let's take a  look into the box.

Yummy fiber, and chocolate goodies.

I think my favorite is the BFL braid in red tones,  along with the two smaller green braids they fit right in for the Holiday Season.
Also included was an art batt - from http://www.craftyscientist.com/ - looks like a fun spin. I have some orange merino and sparkles, that I might add to it.

 One of my favorite chocolates - some - LINDT-LINDOR TRUFFLES.

Thank you - Jessie for the wonderful box!

I'm still working on the slippers, and have the second one- half done. Maybe... tonight, I'll get it finished.

Well.... the weekend is almost here. I can't believe how fast, time is flying by! I hope to get some Christmas shopping done this weekend. The last weekend-before the - Christmas Holiday!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and finishes up their Holiday shopping! 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


 The lake - finally froze over, last night. The geese like to huddle around a dark, thin area of new ice, hoping that daylight will open up - a patch of water for them. Most fly south, but a small flock always seem to stay around all winter.
 Yesterday - I cleaned out kitchen cupboards, washed, and put out the new bathroom towels, ect. It's funny, but the urge to get everything in tip-top shape for the Holidays, always seems to come over me.
                                       Could it be a possible MOM visit? Hmmm.....

 Let's not forget - that ever important break time. I decided to spin some of the super sparkly roving. I spun some of my kettle dyed roving, adding lot's and lot's, of glitter as I spun. I really enjoyed just watching the sparkle, spiral on thickly, as I spun. It will be interesting to see the finished yarn.


Every year, my mom receives at least - one pair of hand knit slippers. This pattern really intrigued me.  Simple pattern to knit, while watching TV. I'm going to try to get the other one done today, and finish the seams.  I will definitely be knitting more of these cozy slippers. 

Monday, December 13, 2010


 First real snow of the season, and it is sticking. It is - so...cold... out! Below normal temperatures, and more snow is predicted for tonight.
 We still have open water on the lake, but the geese found an icy patch to stand on, while the ducks continue to swim in the open water.

 It was  one of those days, to just settle in, and work around the house. I decided to make -
  a big pot of venison stew.  It has been simmering all day on the stove, and will make a hearty meal for tonight.

Of course - a little spinning was done.

Friday, December 10, 2010


We usually have open water, all the way into January but not this year. The unseasonably cold weather is bringing the ice on fast. The shoreline is still open, but if  we continue to have this cold snap, the lake could be ready for some ice skating, and ice fishing soon.

This - is what I do when the lights refuse to work on my wreaths. I cut them! I just finished putting new light strands on both of the outdoor wreaths, and put up the swags - inside the house.

 Of course .... every once in awhile, I would take a break from the decorating, cleaning, and cooking, to treat myself by spinning some of this luscious cashmere on my Russian spindle.
 A girl has to take a little break once in a while, you know. Hope you had the time to treat yourself a little today too.

Everyone have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 9, 2010



Storm coming in tonight, so I put my Christmas Phatfiber Gift Exchange together today, and off to the mail it went! I wanted to take some photo's, but would've missed the mail.  I had fun putting this package together. Soft yummy spinning batts, bright Christmas green locks, exotic fibers, knitter's note cards, and of coarse a spinner's toy and delicious chocolates. Should get there in plenty of time for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


   The birds continue to feast off the railing, as the snow gently falls. We have been lucky so far, and this is the first real snow. We might have enough to stick through tomorrow.
Some of the geese, stay for the winter.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Brr... it's freezing outside! There are a pair of ducks, right off my dock. The water is so... cold, I don't know how they can stand it. It won't be long before the lake ices over, if this unusual cold snap continues.

Friday, December 3, 2010


My cute little knitted sheep is all decked out for Christmas. He is wearing a sparkly handspun, and knit lopi coat.
The pattern - Sheep in Sheep's Clothing, from Frankie's Knitted Stuff. Just too cute!
I first spun, and then  knitted the little sheep. A big fluffy batt, carded with a blend of shetland, alpaca, and angora. Very soft.

Then the little coat was spun, and knitted from the Icelandic sample, that I sent in for the December Phatfiber box.
I carded  Icelandic fleece, dyed shetland/rambouillet, cotton, and lot's of sparkly angelina.
Icelandic is a dual-coated sheep, composed of tog - outer hair coat - and thel - a very soft undercoat.
I did not separate the two coats, and spun a low twist single, to keep the lofty lopi style yarn. The two coats spun together are great for outerwear, weaving, or a cute ornament. Perfect for the little sheep coat. I think a sweater or stocking ornament would also work, for the sample size in the box.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


 The bird's feast everyday. Really love the scarlet red on these two.

I was lucky enough to win the drawing for a box from the past. I couldn't believe it! It turned out to be the Farmer's Market-September Phatfiber box. Lot's of yummy fiber in this one.

Who's in the box?
http://www.spincerely.etsy.com/- Zinnia - Farmer's Market Bouquet - soft yummy fibers.
http://www.wooliebullie.etsy.com/ -Veggie Tales - silk hankies - beautiful colors.
http://www.colorfullife.etsy.com/- Farmer's Overalls - batt - soft and looks like overalls.
http://www.beesybee.etsy.com/  -Peas B With You-merino roving - soft greens.
http://www.uniquelyyoursdesign.etsy.com/ -Heirloom Tomatoes-fun chunky batt full of color and texture.
http://www.bohoknitterchic.etsy.com/ -Blue Corn- yummy soft batt.
http://www.crochetbyka.etsy.com/-  California Crepes - blended batt.
http://www.hippiepenguinfibers.etsy.com/- Mixed Greens roving-merino top.
http://www.toplyfiberarts.etsy.com/ - California Avocado polwarth roving.
http://www.silversunalpacas.etsy.com/ -hand dyed bamboo rayon top. beautiful blues.
http://www.craftyqsplace.etsy.com/ -Fall mums-merino top.
http://www.fiberfancy.etsy.com/- Basket of Eggplants-pulled roving.
http://www.dawningdreams.etsy.com/ -Tangerine-superwash wool.
http://www.wildhare.etsy.com/ -Apple Cider-superwash bfl top.
http://www.giffordables.etsy.com/ -Globe Flowers-Bfl spinning cloud.
http://www.lampyridae.etsy.com/- Berries- pretty beads.
http://www.kirakdesigns.com/ -Scalloped Bolero-crochet pattern.
http://www.pogknits.etsy.com/ -Crying Over You. Too cute!

Thanks to everyone in my past box.

Monday, November 29, 2010


A sassy Jay selecting some sunflower seeds from the railing.

This could be Chip or is it Dale? Either way, they are cute little devil's. The bird's aren't too happy about him stealing their seed and tell him so.

I had fun carding lots of wool and sparkle yesterday. I will divide them into sample size for the December - Phatfiber Box, today. The theme this month is the Music Box. I chose "I'll be Home for Christmas" by Rascal Flatt's. Fitting for December and the time of year. The song and video bring back many memories of trips back home for the Holidays. Kid's bundled up, suitcases packed, presents loaded and on the way we would go.

A week back home over the Holiday's.

Lot's of Memories.

I carded enough for the December-Phatfiber box samples, the shop, and some for me to spin.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Brrr.... it's cold out! The birds are really enjoying the seed that I put out on the railing for them to eat this time of year. These are just a few of the many that come to eat. I had some cardinals, sassy jay's, red headed woodpecker's, nuthatch's, and tufted tit mouse's, today. I really enjoy watching them from my window as I spin.

It was a great day to cozy in and spin.
I really felt like spinning something sparkly today. So I decided to spin some merino that I dyed in HOLIDAY colors. I grabbed sparkles and added them as I spun.

Hope everyone is enjoying this long Holiday Weekend.

Friday, November 26, 2010


I was tempted.... for a second after seeing all those deals they keep talking about on the TV,


Decided I would rather enjoy a relaxing day at home after the holiday.

Nice big cuppa of hot tea, good movie and the spinning wheel.

Hope everyone who braves the crowds today, finds lot's of good deals and has fun shopping.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010



Tuesday, November 23, 2010


View from my deck last year. Suppose to snow on Friday and I'm getting in the holiday mood.


I first saw this video on TV as a commercial for the show -Family Guy- a few weeks ago and it just cracked me up.

Thought I would share it.

I think the reason it is so funny is that it is sooo...true. I can remember way...back ...when, I did the same thing to my mom, and my kids did it to me.
And so the circle continues.
Note: Scroll down to bottom of page, hit pause on player to listen to video without music.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Just look at all the goodies!
more below

A chill is in the air and the boy's are curled up for a nap together. They know winter is on the way and have started spending more and more time indoors snoozing.

Our old grey Smokey is a normal sized cat and I think he huddles close to Spook- my gentle giant - to keep warm.

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAY'SFrosty Icelandic fleece, wrapped in ribbons of ruby red, and emerald green shetland/rambouillet lamb fleece. Topped with fluffs of white cotton drifts, and glittery ruby red, emerald green, and vintage gold angelina.
A fun Holiday spin.

MusicBox is the theme for the December Phatfiber box and I'm busy washing, dyeing, and carding fleece for the box. I've got a pretty good head start.


Silky Bfl roving

All the leaves were bright and light when I decided on my contribution to the November Phatfiber box, one of my favorite times of year. I just listed a few in the shop http://www.giffordables.etsy.com/

Season's of Light - November Phatfiber box. I finally found some time to post photos of my box.

Yummy fiber, yarns, patterns, and stitch-markers. Love it all as usual.

Now to find some time to spin the fiber and knit the yarn.

Busy... busy... busy... hope to find some time during the holiday to enjoy some of the wonderful boxes that I have.
Remember to click on the photo to enlarge for a good look at all the goodies.

Here is a shout out to all the wonderful contributor's in the


http://www.skyloomweavers.com/ - Harvest-merino roving

http://www.mamajudes.etsy.com/- O CHRISTMAS TREE- lot's of yummy fiber's in this one. All plant dyed and cute tree lights included.

http://spinfusion.etsy.com/ - Aneira - Welsh-meaning Snow. Falkland wool, and angelina

http://catawampus.etsy.com/ - Main Harvest Moon-kid mohair, romney, alpaca, angelina

http://www.fleecemakers.etsy.com/ - REFLECTIONS- A beautiful blend of fibers- to name a few finn, merino, cormo. Very yummy.

http://thedyeingarts.com/ - Aurora Borealis- Oh....so....soft...Baby camel, and tussah silk sliver

http://www.hippiepenguinfibers.etsy.com/ - Diwali-hand pulled roving-merino,firestar, silk, and more....

http://www.knittink.etsy.com/ - League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-Faux Cashmere, and Firestar, and a key charm. Soft..

http://rockymountaindyeworks.com/ - Mt.Sparrowhawk Sock- superwash merino

http://www.fiberfancy.etsy.com/ - Twinkling Teal Lights-extrafine Merino

http://www.rebelyarn.etsy.com/ - Light of Day -Silk noil fine yarn- beautiful!

http://www.dyetyarns.com/ - Sockolate Mousse-merino/cashmere/nylon-fingering wt yarn

http://www.atreehuggerswife.etsy.com/ - Aurora Borealis-merino-fingering yarn

http://www.taddiebeeknitting.etsy.com/ - Brooks brothers-luxury upcycled yarn

http://www.lampyridae.etsy.com/ - beautiful stitch marker with a shiny butterfly

http://www.4stitchmeknot.artfire.com/ - smooth stitch marker rings

http://www.bitsyknits.com/ - Evening Star-Beaded Wristlets pattern

Thanks to everyone in the Season's of Light - November Phatfiber box.

For more information about the box or latest news go to http://phatfiber.blogspot.com/