Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yummy Wool and Chunky Turkey Stew

Would you believe that these locks are unwashed raw wool? I am in Love.... These two fleeces are beyond yummy. The tight little curls on the left are BFL. The silky relaxed locks on the right are a BFL and wensleydale cross. Both come from coated sheep and are lovely.

Yesterday I washed about 12 pounds of fleece and started dyeing the locks. Will post dyed locks pictures soon. I let the pots rest over night and will finish today.

What's for Supper? Chunky Turkey Stew .
I browned the chopped turkey, onions, celery with some leaves in a large stew pot. Then I added, chopped carrots, green beans, chunked potatoes with the skins left on, chicken stock, and few shakes of black pepper. Let simmer all day and ready for supper. Gotta - Love those one pot meals. So I can get to the important things, like dyeing fiber and playing with wool.

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