Tuesday, February 15, 2011


 Hubby brought home a beautiful bouquet of Red Roses and my favorite candy, Red Vines, for Valentines day! He knows that I love those crazy things more than chocolate.

 The Phatfiber theme this month is gems and minerals. I had to think about that one for a while. I could have picked one of the many jewelry pieces that Hubby has bought me over the years. This garnet and diamond ring, that he bought me one Christmas, is one of my favorites. The garnets remind me of poinsettia flowers... so fitting for the holidays. But, I decided to go in a different direction for this month's theme.

I took out, ROCKS AND MINERALS - a small guide book from the late 50's. I decided to do a little research on one of my favorite rocks in our stone wall.

The story behind the stone wall is as follows...

  One day, as Hubby was driving through the back roads by our house, he spotted a huge rock pile out of the corner of his eye. Following the dirt drive up to the old farm house, he knocked on the door and a elderly gentleman opened it. Hubby proceeded to ask him, "Would you be interested in selling any of those rocks that you have out there in your field?" He took a good look at hubby and said, "Why no, you can have all the rocks you can haul, but you better keep one eye open for that old bull that I have wandering around back there".
 So... many rocks were hauled that day, and for many weekends after - both Hubby and the old bull keeping an eye on each other. Some of the rocks went into our shoreline, and many went into our long stone wall.
Some are just plain stone, but there are quite a few sprinkled here and there, throughout the wall, that just plain sparkle. Pink granite is one of those.

 Pink granite is one of the Igneous Rocks. I tried to capture the sparkle from the large amount of mica in this particular rock, but it was hard to photograph.  There are three of these particular rocks in the stone wall, and they really sparkle in the sunlight. I usually have to reach out and run my hand across them as I work out in the perennial flower beds.

         Pink granite - fiber samples are at Phatfiber headquarters awaiting the official box drop.

Swirls of red and pink dyed Tunis, along with black carbonized bamboo, milk, and sparkly firestar.

Well...the sun is shining thru my front windows, so I think I'll do a little spinning, enjoy my lovely Roses, and eat some Red Vines.

Hope your day brings you, lots of Sunshine!

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  1. I received one of your pink granite samples in my first ever Phat Fiber box. I spun it up yesterday - it's lovely! Thanks for sharing the story behind it.