Tuesday, February 8, 2011


 Just before Hubby was about to leave for work this morning, this is what he found! A Possum had wedged himself, upside down in my bakers rack. The rack is right outside my kitchen door.

 Hubby - being the great problem solver that he is, thought of a very creative way to get the possum out. A car jack! Kinda like a smaller version of  the Jaws of Life. Very clever, that man of mine. I was concerned that he might get bit, if he wasn't quick, and careful. Well all was going well and then he realized that - the possum's tail was frozen around the rack. So...........

 He proceeded to pour warm water on the possum's tail to try to thaw it out a little .......

                 Then, very carefully, he worked the possum's tail loose from the bakers rack.

                         Gently laying the rack on it's side, on a foam core board to let the possum go.

                           He's free!!!!!  But wait... he's not moving.  Mmmmmm.......let's see.........

                         Back Hubby comes with a big cardboard box.
                                                                     A Possum house.

                         Possum inside, on a rag rug of mine. But wait........He needs to be warmer.......

 So...off Mr. Possum goes, into a nice sunny spot, out of the wind. Laying on a rag rug, along with some diced chicken breast that hubby found in the fridge. Hubby then proceeded to plug in a heat lamp for him.  Hopefully to warm him up after his rough, cold night.

And this is one of the many reasons why - we have been together for over 35 years.

Gotta love a man with kind heart, and warm soul.

He's a keeper!


  1. Love this story! And your hubby is really a keeper :-)