Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Spinning Samples From the Phat Fiber Box

Spinning more samples from the Phat Fiber Box.

and http://www.abstract/ are two of my favorite samples from the April Phat Fiber Box. Oh... so soft merino and such wonderful shades to work with. Well I usually like to have enough to make a project out of, so my goal was to get at least a 4 oz. total. So I went for a hunt in the WOOL CAVE (son's former bedroom) and found the perfect wool top, that I had kettle dyed a while back to give me the 4 oz. I wanted. All were fall tones. I know it's summer - but I am drawn to the richness of the fall colors. I decided not to card them into a batt, but strip off sections in all four colorways. I equally divided them to spin in a set rotation. When the bobbin was full , I started the second bobbin, but I altered the rotation slightly. It sure is a fun spin, watching all the colors change. Oh... here are some rich green shades... , here comes the orange..., now its reddish hues..., I guess I'm easily amused. ;) Have half of the second bobbin filled and will post the finished hand spun soon. Til then hope everyone is "Enjoying The Spin".

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