Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Snow

The First Snow of the year fell this weekend. I guess it had to happen sooner or later. By the time the sun was up for a few hours, the snow had melted. Flurries by the end of the week, or so the weather channel says. We'll see.
I'm knitting a really interesting deer hat. I will post a photo after a little more progress. It seems to be the hot ticket for the hunter in your life. In my case it's for my daughters boyfriend.....a Christmas present. Taking way..way..longer to knit than it should. I have a zillion needles, but do you think I could find one the right size? I finally had to settle for one I found over at the Michaels store. The needle is the right size circular, but the length is a little too long so you kinda adjust the stitches from what you have just knit to swing around to what you are trying to knit. It eases the tension on row you are working on. I would have ordered one in the shorter length, but I really wanted to get started on this hat. I had this compelling urge to cast on immediately. My hands definitely do not like knitting with this circular .......may have to order some needles tomorrow.

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