Friday, November 27, 2009

The Twins.... Oh so Yummy...mmmm

Twin Turkeys were cooked for the feast on Thanksgiving Day. My worry is always - WILL THERE WILL BE ENOUGH? Thirty-two pounds total weight .... packed full with mom's delicious recipe for stuffing.... just enough room to squeeze them in. As I hoisted one bird to settle in on the oven rack, I wondered if there would be enough room for the other one. I grabbed hold of the other bird and it just made it in. NO room to spare. The oven rack started to bow a little in the middle from the weight of the birds and the stuffing. The rack will hold up. Will the rack holdup? Yeah.... all looks good. The aroma of pies and turkey filled the air inside our home and out. Each time someone came in you would hear the familiar - "I can smell that turkey cooking. It sure smells good. I could smell it outside".
Everyone had plenty of turkey and all the trimmings that went along with the festive dinner. Some even had room for dessert. Fat and sassy, ahhhh... patting full bellies..... content to just sit watch a little TV or snooze.

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