Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The boy brought his sweet ole mom a little treat over the Christmas Holiday. Do you see it? That's right - it's ABSINTHE.  I had mentioned my curiosity about the spirits, so he brought a bottle with him, over the holiday. Such a good son... what can I say ? ;)
 In 1797- it was lauded as a miracle cure. All I have to say after taking a sip, is that it will certainly take
the edge off.

My favorite part of the holiday was watching Miss O - granddaughter - unwrap her presents. She loved the dolls, but the crazy neon green hair extensions that I bought her brought squeals of delight! The extensions were a gag gift because Miss O  had decided to give herself a little hair cut.

                 We all ate lot's of goodies and were ready for a nap by the end of the night.


Santa - Hubby - was good to me this year, as always.  Treats,  Jewelry, and of course the yearly spinning goodies. This is the  beauty that I will be adding to my collection. The Bosworth Attache Case Charkha, visit - http://www.journeywheel.com/ - for more information. All I have to say - is that it is the Cadillac of the charkhas. Can't wait to take this baby out for a spin!

Taking a break to get in a little spinning time,  and straighten up around here before the
 New Year's Eve weekend arrives.

Are you ready to party?

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