Friday, December 10, 2010


We usually have open water, all the way into January but not this year. The unseasonably cold weather is bringing the ice on fast. The shoreline is still open, but if  we continue to have this cold snap, the lake could be ready for some ice skating, and ice fishing soon.

This - is what I do when the lights refuse to work on my wreaths. I cut them! I just finished putting new light strands on both of the outdoor wreaths, and put up the swags - inside the house.

 Of course .... every once in awhile, I would take a break from the decorating, cleaning, and cooking, to treat myself by spinning some of this luscious cashmere on my Russian spindle.
 A girl has to take a little break once in a while, you know. Hope you had the time to treat yourself a little today too.

Everyone have a great weekend!

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