Wednesday, December 15, 2010


 The lake - finally froze over, last night. The geese like to huddle around a dark, thin area of new ice, hoping that daylight will open up - a patch of water for them. Most fly south, but a small flock always seem to stay around all winter.
 Yesterday - I cleaned out kitchen cupboards, washed, and put out the new bathroom towels, ect. It's funny, but the urge to get everything in tip-top shape for the Holidays, always seems to come over me.
                                       Could it be a possible MOM visit? Hmmm.....

 Let's not forget - that ever important break time. I decided to spin some of the super sparkly roving. I spun some of my kettle dyed roving, adding lot's and lot's, of glitter as I spun. I really enjoyed just watching the sparkle, spiral on thickly, as I spun. It will be interesting to see the finished yarn.


Every year, my mom receives at least - one pair of hand knit slippers. This pattern really intrigued me.  Simple pattern to knit, while watching TV. I'm going to try to get the other one done today, and finish the seams.  I will definitely be knitting more of these cozy slippers. 

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