Friday, December 3, 2010


My cute little knitted sheep is all decked out for Christmas. He is wearing a sparkly handspun, and knit lopi coat.
The pattern - Sheep in Sheep's Clothing, from Frankie's Knitted Stuff. Just too cute!
I first spun, and then  knitted the little sheep. A big fluffy batt, carded with a blend of shetland, alpaca, and angora. Very soft.

Then the little coat was spun, and knitted from the Icelandic sample, that I sent in for the December Phatfiber box.
I carded  Icelandic fleece, dyed shetland/rambouillet, cotton, and lot's of sparkly angelina.
Icelandic is a dual-coated sheep, composed of tog - outer hair coat - and thel - a very soft undercoat.
I did not separate the two coats, and spun a low twist single, to keep the lofty lopi style yarn. The two coats spun together are great for outerwear, weaving, or a cute ornament. Perfect for the little sheep coat. I think a sweater or stocking ornament would also work, for the sample size in the box.

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